Tracey Wiley

I survived the first week of school!

Tracey Wiley


Why didn't anyone tell me that the first week of school was like the hunger games... I mean. I swear I thought I was ready! I was organized. I ironed the kid's clothes, packed their backpacks the night before, even prepped what they were going to eat for breakfast. Yet STILL, I was late getting out of the house. Ella is currently at Ev's old daycare so there is no bell to rush to beat no tardy slip to avoid... just drop off, sign in and bounce... Ev is at a new school. Big Boy school. He has to get there on time! Just a little backstory on me. I'm crazy about time. I don't like being late, I despise it. I feel it's a big slap in the face when people are late. So you can imagine my anxiety when I looked at the clock and thought I wasn't going to get him there on time. I barely made it, but I made it. Weaving through traffic, illegally parking. I was about to throw his 40lb self over my shoulder to run him in but It was my off day so I'll save that cardio for another day. The first week was such a learning experience for me. I realized you can never be too organized. Shit happens, you will run into traffic, kids will spill their food all over their uniforms... anything can happen. It's how you handle it. I've learned to not stress the small stuff, I know you're saying, it's the first week of school, she can't have things figured out. You're damn skippy about that. BUT I do know that I can't flip out because I'm not out of the house by 7:39am... I now know the window of time I have to make sure that the kids aren't late and I'm not rushing them out of the house like a crazy person!


So moms, find your balance. Make the start of the day a fun experience and not a stressful one because I swear I was stressing them out. lol