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London Bridge

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London Bridge

I felt like Ella and I needed a little mommy-daughter time.  So I packed her up and took her to our happy place, Magazine Street. If you're from New Orleans, you know all about this six-mile street full of local boutiques, antique stores, coffee shops and restaurants. If you're not, put Magazine Street on your list of places to visit while in NOLA. 

Let me tell you, I picked a great day for our mother-daughter outing because apparently, it was sip and shop day! A ton of boutiques were offering tasty bites and complimentary champagne while you shop. There was one shop I wanted to stop in because I pass it all the time, but never have the opportunity to check out. Well, today was my lucky day! 

Ella and I walked into The Elizabeth Chronicles and were automatically drawn to the beautiful decor, and delicate fabrics. As I browsed through the racks, I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was reasonably priced, but as I looked around the room I noticed a section of children’s clothing. I didn't think they sold children’s clothes, and as it turns out, they don't. However, to our delight, there was a little pop-up shop inside the store. As Ella and I browsed through the racks, one of the owners came over and started talking to us. She was lovely and started telling me the story behind London Bridge. We had an instant connection and I immediately knew that I wanted to interview her for my blog. I love to promote women, especially women who are doing what they love. 

Jewel, thank you so much for talking with me about London Bridge. Ella loves her dress and I wanted to make sure that all of my blog readers know about you and your amazing online boutique.

Ella in her London Bridge Dress

Ella in her London Bridge Dress

1.  What motivated you to start London Bridge? 

From the moment I found out I was having a baby, especially a baby girl, I started shopping. I soon realized finding unique and stylish clothing for kids was a difficult task. My stepmom, sister, and I were at lunch after an unsuccessful day of shopping, and that's when we had the idea to start an online children's boutique. Being that there are three of us at different age groups, we are able to perfectly target pieces that will appeal to many moms. Before an item becomes a part of London Bridge, it has to get the "three-step approval".

2. Have you always wanted to own a clothing store or did that passion come from your daughter? 

The passion definitely came from my daughter, London. I have always been very involved in fashion and clothing. I worked for Saks Fifth Avenue as the denim specialist for 4 years, along with another 8 in retail. There is something so exciting to me about dressing up children. Their innocence and playfulness allows you to take style to the next level.

3. What would you tell someone who is thinking about starting their own business?

I would say "GO FOR IT". As cliche as it sounds, when you are doing something you love, it never feels like work! Had you told me I would be a part of a kid’s clothing store, I probably would not have believed you. Becoming London's mother has changed me in so many ways, and I truly believe it is my calling. 

4. What's next for London Bridge? 

We have received such a positive response from everyone in just these first, few months. We are very excited to continue growing our little brand, and excited to see what 2018 holds for us.

5. Besides London Bridge. What are your favorite kid's clothing stores? 

Peony is one of our favorite stores. It reminds me of shopping in the streets of Paris. We also frequent The French Library, my daughter and I have a collection of their books! It's definitely one of my "happy places". 


You can find these sweet stylish pieces on their website and make sure to follow them on Instagram for updates @shoplondonbridge