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Happy Place

Tracey Wiley2 Comments
Happy Place

Yesterday, I celebrated my 38th Birthday. I thought to myself, "I am 38". It wasn't a thought like.... DAMN! I'm getting old. It was just "I am 38" Then came a simple shrug, smile and an outpour of laughter (my kids came in singing to me). Maybe it's because I'm in my happy place. I was never one to dread birthdays. I embrace age and love the fact that I am growing wiser. I think back to my 37th birthday, then 36...35... even that "Dirty 30" and can't help but smile, because I can honestly say I'm happy to be a year older.  I look at my kids grow and mature daily. I look at my husband and think about the life we are creating for our family and know that's all that matters. 

How did I get to my happy place, you ask? Here are a few ways that got me here:

1. Being Selfless

 One thing I've realized through the years is that our purpose in life is to be a servant. That's part of the vision behind this blog. I've always loved helping people. (Especially when I can help someone save a little cash.) It doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple as buying someone a coffee. When I pour my energy into serving others I get a great sense of joy. 

2. Not giving a damn

 I know that sounds a bit harsh. But the fact is, how other people feel about you, is really not your problem. As long as you stay authentic to yourself and the ones you love. That's all that really matters.

3. Doing things YOU want to do and not doing things because someone else is

  Don't follow the herd. Be a leader. I was never one to "keep up with the Jones". I would assume that would be a tad exhausting and downright expensive. If you are trying to keep up, stop! Don't put that pressure on yourself. Don't put yourself in unnecessary debt buying that Celine because you want folks to know you have one. Or going on that vacation you damn well can't afford. This goes back to number2. The less you stop caring about what others are doing the easier things will be.

4. Let go of that grudge you're holding

 I will be honest with you. I was the queen of cutting folks off when they crossed me. It was bad. I look back at how cold I was and man, It was not pretty. It's also so tiring holding on to pain and anger when there are so many things going on in this world that are much bigger than petty drama. When you hold on to negativity, it only hinders your growth. You can't move forward with your life. I promise you, it only hurts you more than the person you're trying to hurt... nine times out of ten, they've moved on. 


Yes, go workout, read, book a spa day, eat whole foods. You have to fuel your body and mind. Make yourself a priority because you can't take care of anyone else if you can't take care of yourself.

You can thank me later. :-)