Are you Essence Fest ready?!

Are you Essence Fest ready?!

Who’s ready for Essence Fest!? I know I am! There’s SO MUCH GOING ON!!! Cool pop ups, amazing seminars, party’s galore, health and wellness events, and so much more! Y’all get ready! I’m going to make sure to share as much information as possible about these events. I’ll be attending a good bit but a sista can’t be everywhere! Lol but I’ll make sure to give you the deets on where you should be. Make sure to check out my essence events highlights on IG. That’s where I’ll slide all the information! If you are attending for the first time, welcome and get ready to accept NOLAS warm embrace. Well, HOT cause it’s HAF! I want to make sure you have a great time so here are a few suggestions I have for ya.

1. Dress light! And I mean light color clothing as well as breathable fabric. This heat is no joke down here!

2. Hydrate! Lawd we do not need you out here on the streets passed out! Please drink as much water as possible in addition to your daiquiris and hurricanes

3. Wear comfortable shoes! Sistas, our streets aren’t built for 4inch heels at 2pm. Please wear shoes that will support them ankles. Same goes for the superdome. I suggest you have some flats in your purse to change into

4. Find a local! We LOVE our city and will make sure to tell you about all of the great places to eat and drink also what restaurants to avoid. (We don’t stand in long lines on poydras😉) Also check out my blog post i wrote last year about where to eat. So many new places have popped up since but this is a good start! click here

5. Explore! Get on our street car and explore NOLA. I know you came in town for the fest and there’s sooo much going on. But if you get a chance visit one of our beautiful parks, enjoy the zoo, go on a swamp tour, walk down magazine street. There’s a lot to do here. .

Are y’all ready to party!? What are you looking forward to doing this essence fest?