It's the holidays! Who's ready to shop?

It's December! You know what that means?! Shopping!!! Yes, It is time for us to open our wallets, pull out the card with the most available credit and get to swiping! Let me tell you; I'm not ready. My kids have already put in their order to Santa AKA me for the most expensive gadget they could find. Keep in mind they are ages four and five. Why are they asking for Nintendo and other gaming systems? Shouldn't they be interested in baby dolls and Thomas the train? Nope, not my kids. Sigh, pray for my wallet.

Anyway, as I troll the internet looking for the latest and greatest toy, I couldn't help but fall down the Internet rabbit hole. I started to find gifts for everyone — mom, Husband, Girlfriends. I felt like Oprah. You get a scarf; you get a candle! Ha! If only I had Oprah's money.

Unfortunately, I don't have Oprah money. So sorry mom, that new car you want, I can't hook you up. I did, however, find a cute scarf for you. You're welcome.

Here are a few Items I found that you might want to add to your list of gifts for your crew.

Garmin Approach S10

Garmin Approach S10

For the Man in your life

Golf GPS watch (GARMIN APPROACH S10) - if your man is a big golf guy. This is a cool gift for him

David Yurman Bracelet - Nothing like a man in a nice piece of jewelry. I bought my husband this bracelet and he actually wears it every day.

Garmin SmartWatch - Yes, there are other smart watches out there. lol

Tumi Sling - Is your guy into man bags? If so, check this one out. Not really sure why they need these. I thought all they needed was a wallet.

Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones - These headphones are pretty amazing.

Ashley North

Ashley North

For your sassy girlfriend or Mom

Scarf Set - If you’re going to keep warm during these cold months then you might as well be cute too!

Lipstick - You all know how much I love me some Pat McGRATH Labs. I promise your fashionista girlfriend or mom would love this under the tree.

Earrings - Who doesn’t like a beautiful pair of earrings?! Check out my local favorite jeweler, Mignon Faget

Candle - Candles are always a good gift. I just got this Ashley North candle in the mail today and it smells amazing. Nice and light but smells up the whole room.

Graphic Tee - Graphic Tees are a great gift for your BFF especially if it says something funny.

For the Kiddos

Native Polish

Native Polish

Great Prentenders - I love anything thats going to get the littles creative juices flowing. Check out some fun creative stuff from the Great Prentenders. Get ready for nonstop space rides and puppet shows.

Legos - I know, you are spitting your wine out screaming are you insane woman! I’m the mom that secretly donates the legos and when my kids look for them I give them the “i don’t know what happened look” but legos have stepped their game up and you can do all kinds of fun educational stuff! Again, I’m all for stimulating the mind.

Nontoxic Nail Polish - My little loves to get her nails polished and I was so against it because all of the chemicals. But then I found a local company that doesn’t put all those harmful chemicals in their polish. So now I feel much better when she wants to have a polish party.

Coding - So I tried to get my kids into Coding a year ago. They really weren’t that interested. I really think they were just to young to get it. So we are trying again this year. I honestly don’t know the best toy out there for this so I linked an article instead of a shopping link. If you have some advice on coding please, drop it in the comments.

Stocking Stuffers

The only things I want in my stockings are

  1. A mini bottle of Wine. Any kind will do. Moms drink it all.

  2. Gift card to a Spa. Earthsavers please

  3. A mini bottle of perfume maybe something from Jo Malone

  4. An ALG gift card. They do Wardrobe makeovers & closet detox, an outfit planning session and personal shopping... these fashion ninjas take the stress out of getting dressed.

  5. Gift Card to Miss SmartyPants. I can get all my fun holiday cups from there.

I hope I gave you some good ideas or just got you in the mood to shop! Drop a comment below and tell me whats on your shopping list!

Happy Shopping!