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Just Move!

Tracey WileyComment
Just Move!

Let me start off by saying, I don't expect folks to go out and purchase plyo boxes. A park bench will work just fine. I know there are days when you don't feel like working out. Trust me, I get it. I use to have this crazy belief that if I didn't lift weights at a gym then I wasn't really working out. (That was a while ago, I've gotten my mind right) and if I couldn't make it there, then I would do nothing! 


One of my favorite non-gym places to workout is the park. there are so many effective exercises you can do with a park bench. I personally like working out there, because it's a nice change of scenery, the fresh air and hello: its FREE. Not to mention I'm inspired by the people who are also out there working out. From the serious runner to the lady power walking. Everyone is getting fit. I'm a firm believer of surrounding yourself with inspiring, motivated people.. especially when you don't feel that inspired. I want you to throw on some gym clothes, drive to the park and start walking. You never know, the lady speed walking next to you with a stick might inspire you to turn that walk into a run. 


If you're feeling like you can do a little more. Try out my quick park workout below

 Start off with a quick jog or power walk, around the park to warm up. one lap will do

Find a bench. The park that I go to has a few benches around a walking track. If your park is sent up this way GREAT. If not, no worries I got you. Ok, this is how it's going down

Let's start with a little upper body

  • Run (or power walk, if you're not quite ready for a run) a lap to warm up, find a bench and stretch it out
  • The first exercise you will do is 10 bench push-ups then superset that with 15 bench dips
  • SPRINT to the next bench. If there isn't a bench around, set your timer on your watch and SPRINT for 20 seconds
  • return to bench and repeat 3 times

The next set of exercises works those legs!

  • Bench Step Ups. 10 each side superset with 10 bench hops
  • Sprint
  • Return to bench and repeat 3 times

It might not seem like a lot, but it's something to get that heart rate up and get that blood pumping.  Try it out and let me know what you think. :-)