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Local Love: Pressed

Tracey Wiley1 Comment
Local Love: Pressed

If you have been following my blog by now, you pretty much know I’m obsessed with food. (Who isn't, right?) I’m always looking for new places to try so that I can share with my readers. I did write a whole favorite places to eat blog. Check it out here. I’m beyond excited to tell you about one of my new favs, Pressed!

Pressed is a quaint sandwich shop owned by husband and wife super duo, Artis and Lesley Turner. Pressed specializes in panini-style sandwiches, soups, and salads. Although they've only been open for a few months, Artis and Lesley are no strangers to the food industry. The dynamic power couple is also the owners of Dirty Dishes, an extremely successful food truck that opened a few years ago. Dirty Dishes has made a strong impact with their ever- so- popular Dirty Mac, an excellent balance of Smoked Gouda, Crawfish, and Turkey Tasso! Because of its growing demand, Dirty Dishes can now only be found at Special events and parties. Now that I’ve given You a little taste let's meet Artis & Lesley 

1. Artis and Lesley, can you tell me why you decided to open pressed and how did you come up with the name?  
We decided to open Pressed, after watching specific trends in the restaurant industry. We found that most people are turning in the direction of eating healthier options during the week for at least one meal a day. With that trend, those same individuals are looking for something, Fast and casual. So we decided to bridge the gap between fresh foods and affordability. We’ve all been to McDonald’s where you can get a Sandwich for $.99 and on the opposite end of the spectrum a salad from a restaurant for $15 bucks. That's crazy, Given that the cost of lettuce, and tomato is far cheaper than meat, and cheese. We decided that we would change the conversation about healthy foods. Our children need to know what vinaigrettes are. The only way to start that discussion is to offer healthier foods at an affordable cost, and tasty. The name came from our brainstorming efforts one night after a hard night at the St. Roch Market. We were exhausted, needed change. Through despair brainstorming… lol. The name “Pressed" was born. Pressed refers to the Panini  Pressed Sandwiches and Wraps. It also fits those individuals “pressed’ for time. 


2. For those readers that don’t know about your other business. Can you tell them a little bit about Dirty Dishes?
 Dirty Dishes, is our baby, Our very first taste of the restaurant industry. It’s how we got started and the exact opposite of Pressed. The food is more decadent. Dirty Dishes began as a food truck in 2014, and quickly gained steam. We landed a spot of one of the original vendors in the St. Roch Market, where we stayed for 16 months. We participate in local festivals and Special events now. We also host a monthly “Popup Brunch” at Pressed. Where our “ Dirty Dishes” costumers can get a fix. Lol with dishes like “Dirty Mac” ( a Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese with Crawfish and Turkey Tasso), Hot Sausage stuffed waffle with Praline Sauce, Shrimp, and Smoked Gouda Grits, or the Newly added Pound Cake French Toast. We are serving up love, on a Sunday…lol 


3. You know, I really miss That dirty mac, will that or any of the other dirty dishes make a permanent appearance on the pressed menu? Maybe for Mardi Gras?
LOLOL. Everyone misses the Dirty Mac… Lol. It may; we are playing with the Mardi Gras Menu as we speak!

4. Lesley, I know you’re big on vision boarding, what do you envision for you're businesses for 2018?
EXPONENTIAL GROWTH. This year is about growth and expansion within both of the businesses. We will be announcing some really big stuff in the upcoming months, 


5. Ok, I have to ask What is your favorite dish on your menu? (Mine is the Blake) My favorite dish would have to the “ Morning Mover” smoothie. I add Spinach and Mango to it though… lol

6. What are your favorite NOLA spots to eat? besides Pressed of course

BEARCAT… I have a terrible gluten allergy. It prevents me from eating out. For my birthday this year, Artis and I found Bearcat. The food is incredible, and the owner cares about us Gluten Intolerant Folks. His mom is Celiac, so its one of the only kitchens I trust in this city that I know I won’t get sick eating at. It’s also gorgeous.


Ok readers, make your way to Pressed. I promise you won't be disappointed. Tell them Tracey sent ya. :-)


Pressed is located at 919 St Charles Ave #116, New Orleans, LA 70130