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Fall, Where are you?!

Tracey WileyComment
Fall, Where are you?!

Chunky sweaters, boots, velvets, and layers. It's Fall Y'all! But is it really? As I walked through the mall looking at all the cute fall clothes on display, I can't help but laugh because I'm in flip-flops and shorts. It's October, and the temperature is a blazing 98 degrees. I'm ready to pass out! But yet, I'm being teased by these cute fall outfits every store has on display. And Starbucks is selling pumpkin spice latte. Again, it's 98 degrees outside!!!

With my Pumpkin Spice in hand (stop judging me), Iā€™m checking out all the mannequins dressed in ski gear.. not really but I mean, why are we putting heavy scarves and hats on them!! I thought about how women in the south really dress for fall and what these store clerks should really put on these mannequins. I decided to do you all a favor and put together a list of realistic fall clothes for the southern girl! Check them out below.

1. Sleeveless Trench- I have a few of these in my closet. Super lightweight and looks great on top of your favorite tee


2. Lightweight scarves- Notice I said, lightweight. It's a great addition to spice up a cute casual outfit without adding too many layers.


3. Long sleeve tops- I doubt we will need to break out bulky sweaters anytime soon so a long sleeve will do just fine. I'm digging animal prints this year. Here is a cute top you can pair with a cute pair of jeans and boots


4. Joggers- Obsessed! I think everyone should have a cute pair of joggers in their closet! This is an excellent addition to your wardrobe! I live in jeans and joggers are a perfect mix up when I want to give the jeans a rest. You can dress them up with heels, or dress them down with a cute pair of tennis!


5. Accessories- I'm loving tassel earrings and oversized watches. Here is my Conway - Walnut & Jet Black watch from the brand Jord. It's one of my favorite pieces. I've been wearing this watch all summer because it goes with everything and I can't wait to pair it with a cute chunky sweater. The cool thing about this watch is it's made of wood. Crazy right?


I hope you find my list helpful and ready to tackle #fakefall

Aren't you glad you came to my site today! :-)